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Department of Physiology


Research in the Department of Physiology emphasizes quantitative studies of the nervous system. Our research spans the full spectrum of investigation into neural function and dysfunction, bridging the levels of genes, molecules, dendrites, axons, cell types, circuits, systems, and behavior. Approaches used are richly diverse and include biophysics, viral transfection, optogenetics, electrophysiology, morphological reconstruction, multiphoton imaging, in vivo recordings, behavioral paradigms, neuroprosthetics, computational analysis, and more. Common threads in our richly diverse research programs are multi-level, interdisciplinary, innovative, and highly collaborative approaches to pursuing high-impact neuroscience research. A wide range of model organisms, cell types, and neural systems are well represented. Many different disease models are studied. For trainees the department's resources offer an exceptionally vibrant and exciting learning environment.

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Mouse Motoneurons

Student/Postdoctoral Research

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